Cinnamon Rolls All Around!

I’ve had the pleasure as a parent to take some of the traditions of my childhood and pass them on to my kids.  One of these traditions is the Saturday morning cinnamon rolls.  Right up there with Saturday morning cartoons.  Dad used to make cinnamon rolls for us each week when I was growing up.

Once my oldest son was of age, I introduced him to the glorious Pillsbury cinnamon roll.  At the young age of two he could eat three rolls by himself on a good morning.  That only left five for me, actually four, if Lianne decided to have one.  I managed to survive somehow. Continue reading “Cinnamon Rolls All Around!”

Davin’s Birth

Granted, this is from a guy’s perspective so it is somewhat skewed.  No, scratch that, it is totally skewed.  I have really no comprehension of what this labor and delivery was like.  Yes, I was there, and I think I played some small part in seeing this miracle through to fruition, but still, I’m pretty much clueless.  Read this story with that disclaimer in mind. Continue reading “Davin’s Birth”