Health and Fitness, Week 1 of 9

I wrote about the need for people to have a challenge or a struggle in their lives. We accomplished our financial goal, so now it’s time for a new challenge. Since Spring is here, I’ve decided to tackle health and fitness. Similar to our finances, I would say that our health is above average. We do a decent job of avoiding fast foods and sugary drinks, and we are reasonably active. Still, I know we can do better. We all sit too much, we don’t sleep right, and we don’t get enough fruits and vegetables. So, it’s time for a plan. Here is Week 1.

The goal for the family is just to generally live healthier, but we are going to pay special attention to Ava’s food because her eczema is still flaring up. In this first week, our goal is to go to bed earlier, and at the same time every night. No checking phones, or last minute journal entries. Take care of everything beforehand, and then when it is time to sleep, go to bed and go to sleep. I’ve noticed that when I have too many days with an inconsistent sleep pattern, it triggers headaches, and occasionally migraines. This should be enough to encourage me to establish a healthy sleep habit, but I still struggle. Week one … consistent sleep pattern.

I’m also going to track my food and exercise. I don’t think this is a requirement for everyone, but it helps to hold me accountable. It also helps me to see where I may be consuming more calories than I realized. My coffee creamer is a good example. Three 6oz cups of coffee a day, with sweetened creamer, was more calories and carbs than I thought. You can view my diet calendar here.

I’m not really trying to lose weight, but I would like to lose some fat, so I may drop a few pounds in the process. Future weeks will focus on specific foods, exercise, and other habits. This week is sleeping and tracking.

Let the challenge begin!

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