A Valentine Story (Rob and Bev) by Davin

               Rob and Bev met when they were 11 years old at school, Ruth N. Upson Elementary, in Jacksonville Florida on the playground where a carnival was set up. Rob started walking with Bev’s friends. She thought he was a punk because one time he was walking her home, and he tried to put his arm around her and she slapped him. He claimed that he was just helping her with her books. She said that he was trying to be fresh with her and wrap his arm around her. He was pretty bold walking up to them like that when no one knew him well. Rob had brown eyes and hair and was tan from having a pool, which was a big deal back then. He had short hair for a guy and was 5 feet tall. The first time he saw Bev was in a classroom while he was looking for a place to sit, and when he saw her he thought That is who I am going to marry. Bev was pretty skinny, had short brown hair, blue glasses, and was 5 feet tall. When he walked up to Bev and her friends the girls giggled “Do you see Rob? What is he doing here? Does he know anybody? Bev do you know Rob?”

          “A little but he is kind of a punk.” She stated. He didn’t give up, and after that day they started hanging out more and more. Then they started doing family things together. Finally, after 5 years of knowing each other, they officially started dating at 16 years old. When Rob was in high school, his dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis so he could not walk. He lost his job so Rob had to get a job as a UPS truck loader. It was soon found out that his dad could still work, but he stayed a truck loader to help out the family.  While still in college they started thinking about getting married, so at 19 they got married and led a successful life as a happy couple.

Rob and Bev

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