No Skills

I realized this past weekend that I’m never going to be a good basketball player. I was already in a foul mood because the Giants were squandering their playoff run against the Marlins.  I went out Saturday morning for my weekly game of basketball.  I proceded to miss every single outside shot I took over the course of 4 games.  Then, with the last game tied at game point, I brought the ball up court.  A much larger brother came up to check me at half court, figuring I was faster than him I crossed over to go around him to the left.  He proceded to pick me clean and drive in for a layup to end the game.  Total bummer.

So, I realized that I’ll just have to be content with being a smart computer guy, who’s good at singing and playing the saxophone, but who will never be a threat on the basketball courts.  I’ll still go out and play, it is by far my favorite sport to participate in, but I’ll just have that understanding from the start that a 29 year old, 5’7″ white guy should have no delusions of grandeur.

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